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From My Kitchen Window by Dixie Terry



Three men thought up a magazine in the loft of a log house that stood on a hillside in northeastern Pope County. The year was 1983.

By early 1985, that magazine, Springhouse, was very much a part of the southern Illinois scene, but by then two of its founders had turned their attention to other matters, leaving the magazine to the whims and awkward dreams of one man.

Neither he, nor anyone else could possibly dream that a mere fifteen years later Springhouse would go on-line, or that certain articles of regional interest would be available to readers around the world.

Such a concept is staggering for one more attuned to log cabin rusticity than to the seeming speed-of-light technology of keyboard and modem. Well, that concept is now reality.

We are holding on tight for the ride of a lifetime. Join us.

The Adventure Continues

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