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From My Kitchen Window - Recipes and more by Dixie Terry


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Welcome to our Springhouse!

There was a time when many springs were topped by springhouses, small buildings often constructed of stone. Spring water issues from the earth at a constant temperature of about 65 degrees in any season of the year. Although built for keeping cool milk and cream and other perishables, a springhouse also served as an escape from summer heat and a quiet retreat when company got too boisterous.

Our Springhouse offers neither milk nor cool stones, but treasure of another sort. The rich feast that is southern Illinois spills from our pages. In no particular order, we offer history and nostalgia and folklore, plus recipes and even a poem or two.



We at Springhouse are always eager for comments on our magazine or web site. Let us know what you think, and would like to see.  Please send us an email.

  • Check in from time to time to see what the current issue has to offer. Always there will be changes because life is what it is, and this is Springhouse, The Adventure Shaped Like a Magazine.

Accustomed to jousting with windmills, thinking they were dragons, the old Spanish knight Don Quixote seemed perfect for our cover. Frwpe2F.jpg (4688 bytes)om the beginning, our very existence has always seemed something of an anomaly, a break in the order of things, and while we always saw windmills as windmills only, in other ways Springhouse ventured forth no better prepared than Don Quixote would have been. Eager to offer our two cents worth of insight when study and analysis were required, we carved our niche into the landscape without taking on a single windmill.

Incidentally, the drawing of Don was used in early issues from time to time and first appeared on the June 1986 cover. From that point on this ancient knight of ancient Spain has proudly raised his lance on the left-hand corner of every Springhouse and will continue to do so until our Adventure Shaped Like A Magazine heads into the sunset.

Send all Correspondence, letters to the Editor, "Ozark Echoes" to:

8250 Level Hill Road
Junction, IL 62954

Call: (618) 499-2055
Email: bmdeneal@gmail.com  





Now in our 32nd Year!

Vol. 32, No. 6

Here's what is in
the current issue
 of Springhouse

Volume 32 Number 6

Springhouse Ink

Ozark Echoes

Trigg's Trails, Tours, and Detours, Part III
- Todd Carr

It Happened at the River Bend, Part III - John J. Dunphy

The Woodsman and the Bayonet -  Rebel Without Applause

From My Kitchen Window - Dixie Terry

Our Day in the Dark - Brian and Gary DeNeal

Circles and Crescents - Brian DeNeal

Rhetoric 102: The Charles Anthis Story - Robert A. Hill

White-Nose Syndrome Taking Major Toll on Cave-Dwelling Bats - Brian DeNeal

Old Stuff - Roger K. Lyons

The Narcissist, Beyond "Beyond," The Cow - Gary DeNeal

River-to-River Trail Is Getting a Makeover - Brian DeNeal
Springhouse Coloring Book - Kennedy Dunning


8250 Level Hill Road
Junction, IL 62954

Phone (618) 499-2055

Questions, Comments, Suggestions? We'd love to hear from you. E-mail us.

rawhide.jpg (4157 bytes)Rawhide, our favorite rebel, made his SH debut with these, his first five contributions - and he's been a Springhouse regular ever since.

Rawhide Chronicles 1
Rawhide Chronicles 2
Rawhide Chronicles 3
Rawhide Chronicles 4
Rawhide Chronicles 5



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